Monday, June 29, 2015


Welcome everyone to the wedding of
 Welly @WellyTopping and Obe @ajstenaka.

Thank you all for coming to celebrate the union of Welly and Obe. Today's wedding takes place in an old abandoned mansion. As Welly is a huge fan of American Horror Story, we have added a bit of AHS fun... but don't be frightened. True it's haunted, but the ghosts are thrilled to share their home on this happy occasion.


Check out the grand staircase and ballroom.
Wait until you see what the AWP has done with it.

Here is the Bride, Welly, and Groom, Obe, checking out various
sites before deciding on the mansion.

Our waitstaff will be wandering around with champagne while guests are arriving

The guests are arriving, dressed in their best. 

Please click to enjoy Beatle mewsic while you pose for pawtographer.

Say Cheese!

Say Nip!

Say Cookies!

The guests look amazing in the latest couture.

So tell us, who are you wearing?

Clearly everyone is enjoying their pawrents credit card. No limits on the couture finery!
So many beautiful Anipals!

Smile nicely for the cameras.

As the last of the beautiful Anipals pose for the pawtographers...

The wedding pawty arrives. Don't they look gorjus?
DJ @Rustythekitty is in da house with us today, he will be spinning awesome tunes for us!

What an amazing turnout! Welcome one and all!
Please be sure to sign the Guest Book so the Bride and Groom
will have a memorable keepsake of their special day.